AO Mondays - 2019

About once a month, OICR’s Adaptive Oncology Programs, Resources and Projects host one or two speakers from Toronto and around the world to highlight local and international cancer research. Presentations focus on adaptive oncology ideas and highlight trainee and PI research, recent publications, or feature guest speakers relevant to the oncology community.

Reminders are circulated at OICR, the compbio-uoft mailing list, the University of Toronto Molecular Genetics mailing list, and the AO-news mailing list. If you’d like to be notified when talks are announced, please join the AO-news mailing list.

Unless otherwise specified, the seminars are scheduled on Mondays from 11:00-12:00 Eastern at OICR, or join us remotely:, Webinar ID: 569 289 827

See our 2020 schedule here: AO Mondays 2020

2019 Schedule


Hosting Ao Group




Genome Informatics

Project #4 - Spatial Sampling

Orion Buske

Aaron Fenster

How structured data is helping doctors diagnose genetic conditions

Positron emission tomography (PEM) guided breast biopsy


Project #5 - Masking Risk in Mammography

Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC)

James Mainprize

Glenn Bauman

Breast Density and Masking Risk

Now you see it… the road to improvements in prostate cancer imaging


Imaging Validation Core (IVC)

Project #1 - Early Cancer Evolution

Alision Cheung

Elyssa Bader

Protein Marker Multiplexing and Quantitative Image Analysis for Disease Characterization

Exploiting population cohorts to interrogate genomic and transcriptomic factors associated with exceptional blood aging


Project #2 - Tumour Heterogeneity in Space

Ontario Tumour Bank

Jane Bayani

Monique Albert

Uncovering Spatial Heterogeneity in Early Invasive Breast Cancers: Implications for Clinical Management

“The integrity of RNA and DNA in frozen tissue after long term storage”


Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network

Project #3 - Tumour Heterogeneity in Time

Michael Rauh

John Bartlett

Path2MyDx: Personalized Molecular Pathology for Myeloid Cancer Diagnosis

Tumour Heterogeneity in Time



Genome Technologies

Quantitative Imaging for Personalized Cancer Medicine (QIPCm)

Jenny Ho

Tony Tadic

Genetic mechanisms underlying transformation to acute myeloid leukemia in myeloproliferative neoplasms

MIRA - A Platform for Automation and Data Science in Radiation Oncology





OICR Drug Discovery

Ramy Saleh

David Uehling

Evaluating health care utilization and outcomes of cancer patients post next generation sequencing

A brief overview of Drug Discovery at OICR




PM-OICR Translational Genomics Laboratory

Genome Informatics

Alex Fortuna

Faisal Albalwy

Evaluating health care utilization and outcomes of cancer patients post next generation sequencing

Blockchain-Based Dynamic Consent Model to Support Genomic Data Sharing in Clinical Informatics



Adaptive Oncology

Edwin Cuppen

Understanding big image data with self-supervised deep learning




Project #5- Masking Risk in Mammography

Alex Lu

James Mainprize, Sarah Hickman

Understanding big image data with self-supervised deep learning

Masking Risk Study at Sunnybrook; Masking Risk Index: an evaluation to guide supplemental imaging for breast screening


Diagnostic Development

Imaging Validation Core

Vida Talebian

Wenchao Han

Discovery of a prognostic marker in early ER+ breast cancer patients (TEAM trial)

Automatic prostate cancer detection and grading on gigapixel digital histopathology images

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Genome Sequence Informatics

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